Colonial 250 Plus Club

Introducing the Colonial Honda 250 + Club

Service discounts for our loyal customers as your Honda ages gracefully.

Join now for free!

Call 804-414-1950 or email to register today!

We will offer these special discounts on service:

Hondas 8-9 years old (2004-2005) = 12% discount.

Hondas 10 years and older (2003 and older) with up to 249,999 miles = 15% discount.

Hondas 10 years and older (2003 and older Honda) with over 250,000 miles = 20% discount.

**Join and immediately receive 10 free visits to our state of the art Express Wash.**

Pictured here with his son Josh and his 1994 Accord: Herman Maclin, the first member of the Colonial 250 Plus Club. Miles driven over 300,000!

We will be happy to showcase you and your 250,000 Honda. Send photos to